Final Announcement

(1) The scientific program is more or less finalized and you can find it on the workshop web site ( Please check the web site for the latest updates.

(2) Excursion: We will have a ½-day excursion in the afternoon of Aug. 13. There are two options (see the end of this announcement for a brief description) from which you can choose when you register. The workshop banquet will be held in the evening following the excursion.

(3) Hotel Reservation: By now you should have received email from Jane McCall (our workshop secretary) about the rooms and responded if you needed any changes. If you have not responded yet for any changes (or cancellations) please do so as soon as possible. There are only 6 single-rooms in the hotel. So most of you will get a double room though you requested a single room. The prices difference is very small. The hotel can accept cash in Chinese RMB or any international credit cards.

(4) The workshop registration will start at 14:00 on August 10 in the hotel lobby. Please be prepared to pay the $200 registration fee in cash either in US dollars or Chinese RMB (1 USD=6.14 RMB). This fee covers all meals, a banquet and the excursion. A workshop dinner will also be served on the evening of Aug. 10 at 18:30.

(5) An instruction card in both Chinese and English is attached with this email (it can also be downloaded from the workshop web site in the travel section) for taxi drivers to take you to the hotel. As in any cities worldwide, please take only official taxis. There should be an official taxi line at the airport exit gate after you pick up your luggage.

(6) The following are contact numbers in case of emergency:

Lilin Zhu: 086-18780204869

Xin-Nian Wang: 086-13554156656

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Chengdu for a stimulating workshop.

First Announcement:

Experiments at RHIC and LHC have demonstrated the importance of event-by-event fluctuations for the understanding of anisotropic flow and other correlation measurements. A very successful first workshop held last summer in ECT* at Trento brought theorists and experimenters together to discover what these measurements can teach us about the formation and evolution of the high-density system formed in nuclear collisions. Since then, a wealth of new data including proton-nucleus measurements has become available, challenging us to formulate a comprehensive picture.

We expect significant participation from both theorists and experimentalists. Our aim is to identify outstanding problems in this area and set a course for future research. Topics to be addressed will include:

1. Fundamental theory and phenomenology of the initial state

2. Color Glass Condensate

3. Implications of pp, pA, and AA experiments

4. Advances in event-by-event and anisotropic hydrodynamics

5. Thermalization and early-time non-Abelian plasma dynamics

6. New measurements: flow, fluctuations, and correlations

7. Hard and semi-hard contributions to correlations and flow

The workshop will be held at Sichuan University, Chengdu, China on August 11-14, 2013. The official scientific program of the workshop will start on the morning of August 11 and ends in the afternoon of August 14. The meeting will follow the 10th Workshop on QCD Phase Transition and Relativistic Heavy-ion Collisions. Financial support will be available for a limited number of students and young scientists.