There will be two options for the 1/2 day excursion:

1. Giant Panda Research Park

Chengdu of Giant Panda Research Park is one of the world-class of scientific research institution in order to protect the endangered panda under the support of the National Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Forest. The Park was established in 1987, with Landscape Gardening to stimulate the ecological environment of Giant panda with the green coverage rate reached 96%. Among established facilities are Research Building, Laboratories, Veterinary Hospital, Panda Delivery Rooms, Animal Cottages and Field Activities, Black Neck Cranes Farms, Swan Lake, the Giant Panda Museum and the Department of Integrated Services .

2. Dujiangyan Irrigation System

The first Chinese Ancient Weir---Dujiangyan Irrigation System, was established in the Mingjiang River by Libing, the supervisor of Shu in the Warring States Qing Zhaowang Period (227B.C.). On this excursion, you will visit two King's Temple commemorating Li Bing and his son. It will take you across Anlan Bridge to view the Fish Mouth, Feisha Weir and Baopingkou attractions.